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Protect Your Staff, Patients Or Customers From Hazards & Contamination With Disposable Protective Wear!

“Reducing Contamination & Protecting Staff, Customers & Patients.”

When it comes to protecting yourself, your staff, patients or customers with disposable gowns, coveralls, masks, hairnets or gloves you can never be too careful.

With so many hazards in the workplace, it’s hard to determine which disposable clothing will serve your purpose best.

And knowing which disposable clothing will suit you best is our purpose here at Head To Toe Disposables Direct.

From dentists to tattoo businesses to nursing homes to food manufacturers and many other companies, Head To Toe Disposables Direct takes a holistic approach.

Our service to you takes into account the tasks you need the disposable protective wear for, the environment you or your staff are working in and the potential hazards.

And we’re here to guide and support you in any number of ways.

For example, some of the crucial things to consider before buying disposable protective wear based on our experience are:

  • If it does not fit correctly, it will not protect you, your staff, patients or customers!
  • If you choose the wrong type of protective wear for the purpose, it would also be ineffective.
  • And in some workplaces, disposable protective wear is required by law. So if the disposable gloves, hairnets, coveralls and other disposable protective wear you use do not meet Australian Standards, you may be breaching workplace health and safety regulations.

Of course, these are just some of the advantages and problems Head To Toe Disposables Direct solves for you because:

  • You’re buying disposable protective wear direct from the supplier, which saves you money while still receiving personal service.
  • All our disposable protective wear is made to Australian Standards and meets CE EN 149:2001, AS/NZ 4011; 2017 standards.
  • You can also place a mixed order of different disposable gloves, masks, and other disposable protective wear.
  • You can even brand your disposable protective wear with your logo or contact details if you wish.
  • And above all else, the protective wear at Head To Toe Disposables Direct will keep you, your staff, customers or patients safe!

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