The Benefits Of Head To Toe Disposables Direct.


The disposable protective clothing range you’ll find at Head To Toe Disposables Direct is designed to protect your staff, patients or customers against health and safety risks, hazards and contamination.

Our range of disposable protective clothing consists of coveralls, dust masks, disposable gloves, caps, hairnets and other specialised disposable protective clothing.

While there are many benefits to our disposable medical protective clothing, below are some of the more common reasons why businesses use our disposable protective clothing.


  1. 1. Reduce contamination, save time and money – If you’ve ever performed hygienic or sensitive tasks such as dentistry, nursing or even tattooing, you’ll know traditional protective clothing becomes too stained to ever wear again. Using Head To Toe Disposables Direct, you’ll save money on uniform cleaning costs, save time and reduce the risk of contamination.


  1. 2. Ambidextrous fit – Our range of disposable vinyl powder-free disposable gloves fit either hand, whether you are left handed or right handed.


  1. 3. Non- toxic and oil resistant – All our disposable gloves, dust masks, coveralls and other protective clothing are non-toxic and oil resistant. This is why our disposable clothing appeals to people in medical services, beauty services and maintenance services, such as house painters, pest control services and many others.


  1. 4. Excellent quality – One thing you need to keep in mind before purchasing and using disposable protective wear is the quality. Cheaper disposable clothing will not give you the protection you, your customers or guests need against hazardous substances or materials. They may not even be up to Australian Standards.


  1. 5. Superior Industry Experience – Before choosing any disposable work wear, it’s imperative you assess what risks there are, what hazardous materials are used and what the potential contamination threats are. This is part of the Head To Toe Disposables Direct service to you. Our clients love our disposable protective wear clothing, but more importantly, they appreciate our superior industry experience compared to other services they have used before us.


  1. 6. Save substantially with wholesale pricing – Head To Toe Disposables Direct provides Australian standard disposable gloves, hairnets and other clothing at wholesale prices, which means you save considerably without lowering the quality.


  1. 7. Wide variety and hard to find disposable protective wear – Another benefit of using Head To Toe Disposables Direct is that we have a wide variety of standard disposable protective clothing and a range of hard to find disposable clothing and protective wear that many of our competitors do not supply.

Of course, using Head To Toe Disposables Direct protective disposable clothing will benefit you, your staff, customers or patients in many other ways, protecting you all from hazardous substances and risk of contamination.

Choosing a reputable supplier for your disposable gloves, coveralls, hairnets, caps and other disposable protective clothing requires an assessment of the environment you operate in, the materials you use and the people you serve so your workplace, staff and customers are all protected.

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