About Us

About Head To Toe Disposables Direct.

Hi, I’m Jez, the CEO of Head To Toe Disposables Direct.

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to be involved in the building, boating and mining industries and more.

However, I felt something was missing, so I became a Fire and Rescue Officer.

It was in this role that I attended fires, motor vehicle accidents, assisted with medical treatments around Queensland and throughout Australia, and found I had a real talent for helping people.

So, after years of helping people as a Fire and Rescue Officer, it seemed only natural the next step for me to take was to start Head To Toe Disposables Direct, something I could call my own, you might say, that would contribute to helping businesses protect their staff, clients and patients.

Why Head To Toe Disposables Direct.

While there were many opportunities for me to start a business in any number of services and industries, disposable protective wear is something I believe in.

This is because over the years, I’ve used many of the products we sell myself, so I know the products, believe in the products and how they can benefit dentists, food manufacturers, the building industry and other services that use disposable protective wear.

And I think that’s important. I believe there are far too many businesses that sell a product but don’t believe in it or the people they are supplying their products or services to.

On a personal note.

When I’m not sourcing disposable gloves, coveralls, hairnets and other disposable protective wear for clients, there’s nothing I enjoy more than surfing, camping, fishing and parachuting.

I’m also a firm believer in improving myself and love reading and keeping as fit as possible.

At Head To Toe Disposables Direct, we know how difficult and time intensive it can be to find disposable coveralls, gloves and other protective wear that suits your business and needs.

So please register for a copy of our complimentary guide for more information about our disposable protective wear as our gift to you.

Best wishes,

Jez and the team

Head To Toe Disposables Direct.

At Head To Toe Disposables Direct, we know how difficult and confusing this can be, so please call or email us for further information