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Some Of The Head To Toe Disposables Direct Customers.



Let us take a guess. You’re a nursing home, dentist, food manufacturer or server, tattoo business or similar service. You’re tired of spending all your precious time chasing up the supplier of your medical or non-medical disposable protective clothing, negotiating with them and doing all the work you’re paying them for.

It happens, and it’s nothing new. Many new customers share with us their tales the first time they contact us, and it’s probably why once they find us, they stay with us.

Best of all, it’s a problem you do not have to experience any further.

So, what businesses & people use Head To Toe Disposables Direct?”

  1. 1. Dentists & Oral Surgeons – Whether your surgery is big or small, Head To Toe Disposables Direct can supply the complete range of Australian standard latex disposable gloves, masks, safety glasses and everything else you need. You also receive wholesale pricing and a level of service experience you’ve never had before.
  2. 2. Food manufacturing companies use Head To Toe Disposables Direct for a variety of reasons, from workplace health and safety regulations to the quality of our clothing.


With stringent workplace health and safety regulations, food manufacturing companies use our services because all our disposable protective wear, such as gloves, masks, caps, coveralls and other protective wear, meets Australian Standards.

Additionally, they appreciate the value and quality they receive from our services and our experience in the disposable protective wear industry.

  1. 3. Hair & Beauty, Spa and Cosmetic Enhancement Services – Head To Toe Disposables Direct is acquiring its fair share of clients in the beauty and cosmetic industry. The reasons for this are that we can supply them with the general disposable protective wear clothing they need, as well as the hard to find disposable clothing items they need, for a fixed price.
  2. 4. Boatbuilding, Painting And Other Trade Services – More and more painters, boat builders and carpenters are using our disposable protective wear for a variety of tasks and reasons. Some of the boat builders are wearing our disposable coveralls, masks and caps to protect themselves from the glass and fibreglass shards, and to avoid breeding in toxic fumes from the resins.

Painters use our disposable coveralls so they can discard them when they’re finished with them, as opposed to washing and drying cloth overalls, saving themselves time and money. And we have our fair share of carpenters wearing disposable protective clothing for tasks from cutting timber to removing asbestos.

  1. 5. Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Other Healthcare Services – Why? Because hospitals across Australia know that Head To Toe Disposables Direct is well known throughout the industry for supplying Australian standard coveralls, dust masks, disposable latex gloves, caps, hairnets and almost any protective wear you can think of.

They also save substantial amounts on purchasing their disposable protective wear from us without lowering the quality, and appreciate our after-sales support, leaving them to focus on more critical issues in their hospital or nursing home.

Some other customers Head To Toe Disposables Direct supplies Australian standard disposable protective clothing to are:

  • Tattoo artists and businesses.
  • Private nursing services.
  • School and university cafeteria staff and servers.
  • Podiatrists.
  • Graffiti removalists.
  • Plumbers and other trades.
  • And dental technicians.

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